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I received a strange text message on my Verizon phone about how to make money from home.  It had a link in it.  The link was not hit or followed and the text was deleted right away.  The next morning most of the contacts in my phone received a spam email from my gmail account with a link in it.  The link took them to a website about making money from home, so the two instances must be related.  I only check my email on my phone and do not have it hooked up anywhere else.  I thought apple kept everything separate so things like this could not happen.  Should I be worried about a virus on my phone or that it was hacked?  Also the phone has never been jail broken and no new apps were downloaded in the last month.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    The timing does make one think the two things are related, but it may not be so.  I've spent hours debugging problems thinking they were related to coincidental occurances, when they were not, so do not make assumptions.  If you are concerned, take the phone to an apple store to have it checked out.