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to begin with I am absolutely satisfied with the performance of the laptop. It has been of great help but I have come to the point where I have to wear gloves to work with this machine.

The area around the mouse page is made in purpose large in order for the palms to sit on them and work the macbook pro. We all have our palms all day on there. Now the issue is that the battery is right beneath that area and the entire outter left area gets excessively hot. I dont have a thermometer to figure it out but it is at least 30C. Your CEOs, that are into YOGA and into these thing etc, should have thought that having a hot palm and a regular temperature palm would be at least unconfortable. Not to meantion it's medical importance and the left coronary artery. I don't want to sound very dramatic etc, but is there a solution for me to keep using your machines?


Because I am not about to quit this machine, but I need a resolution for this in order to continue getting my work done in half the time. Otherwise, I am afraid I have to get back to windows for health reason. So, figure out something before we get all mad and we stop buying your products.

Thank you

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    No one here works for Apple nor does Apple visit this message board.  This is a user to user message board.  We are all end users like yourself helping each other out.


    If you have a suggestion or a complaint, they all should be posted on the Product Feedback website.