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Matt13 Level 2 (390 points)

Hello all... after a lot of clustered submissions from Compressor 4 using Qmaster (which I just thought I mastered), I started getting the error message: "An internal error occurred: Apple Qmaster File Agent not found".


I tried trashing preferences for all my pro apps, restarting, etc. etc. etc.  Reading through other threads about this error message, one person recommended to delete all pro apps, including Qmaster, and reinstall from the app store. 

So, I did that.  Deleted FCPX, Motion 5, Compressor 4 and Qmaster using DR's handy software.  I reinstalled everything from the app store, but now Qmaster is missing. 


How do I get it back?


Any suggestions?  I've looked everywhere on how to do this and can not find an answer.

  • Russ H Level 7 (20,285 points)

    You mean you are getting the same "file agent not found" error?


    Go to Applications>Compressor; right click and then click on

    Show Package Contents: Contents>Embedded Apps. Qmaster should be there.


    Compressor Repair can usually get Compressor and Qmaster talking to each other again.


    Good luck.



  • Matt13 Level 2 (390 points)

    Hey Russ,


    Thanks for chiming in.  After re-installing everything 'X' (Compressor 4, FCPX, Motion 5), Qmaster isn't even there.  I did find it in the location you said to look in, but it's not showing up in System Preferences.  So Compressor 4 and Qmaster won't communicate at all.  I ran Compressor Repair, and here's the error messages I got:




    That's only part of it... I couldn't copy and paste it from Compressor Repair or expand the window to get a full screen shot. 


    So I'm not sure what to do.  I've already removed Compressor and re-installed it (along with FCX and M5).  Do I need to remove the old Final Cut Studio too... in other words... remove everything FCP related, 7 or X, and then try reinstalling everything?

  • Russ H Level 7 (20,285 points)

    First, if it make you feel any better, I've had that file agent not found message before.


    Qmaster is now integrated with Compressor 4 (hence, "embedded apps"). The Qmaster that shows (or used to show) in Systems Preferences pane is version 3.5., which ran with C  3.5. I have no idea why FCS Remover would remove that version unless you checked that box.


    In any event, if Qmaster 3.5 seems to be no longer around, here's what I'd suggest.


    Remove C3.5, C4, M5 and FCPX using the Remover app. (And you might as well check off Qmaster, just in case some obscure files that relate to version 3.5 are still present.)


    From the FCS3 disk, install Compressor 3.5 (and Qmaster, if it's a separate install…I can't remember and it would be a pain to look now.)


    Next, follow these steps for running FCPX and legacy FCS apps on the same start up disk. (Note the little folder dance with opening M4 first.)


    After doing all this, repair permissions in Disk Utility.


    Then…give Compressor 4 (and Compressor 3.5) a try. I'm betting they'll work for you.


    Good luck.




  • Matt13 Level 2 (390 points)

    Thanks Russ... all your tips helped!  I appreciate it.  Everything seems to be working just fine again:)