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First of all does anyone know why this discussion was archived when there was never a solution posted? 



Secondly (why I found that thread among many others addressing the same problem). I received a new Mac Mini for XMas (cool, I needed it) which worked fine with my other computer and devices (2 iPads, 2 iPhones, 2 Win7 Laptops and 2 Win7 desktops) for a couple days, so I thought. Now all these devices got along very well until Mr. Mini comes along. Then I note wireless drops occasionally, it seemed to come back so I wasn't too upset, yet and decided to deal with it later and enjoy my vacation.


Now, after I allowed Leopard to do its upgrade (I had deferred that) I now have all the above devices dropping wifi and physical LAN connections as long as this Mini is powered on. I shut it off, Internet is blazing, I turn it on, Internet falters and screeches to a halt.


Since all my other devices have worked cooperatively for several years and this device comes along and crashed the party im pretty convinced its not my router or computers. I am not interested in trial and error here. i have many better more important things to do and this is Apples responsability to figure out. I am a very savy IT dude (career professional) and want to get to the bottom of this for everyone. 


Soooo.... What changed? Why does this device kill my network when it is turned on (note, no alterations from out-of-the box to any network protocol or config.) and why does a thread (one of many) without a solution get trumped on by Apple?



Mac mini, iOS 6.0.2