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Hey guys. First time Mac user. Actually its my wifes. Bought it for her for christmas.


First thing I did on christmas day was start benchmarking. Installed Vmware and Parallels, started expierement with virtualiztion etc.


System specs


15" MBP non retina

Highres glossy display

i7-3720 @ 2.6ghz

8gb ram

750gb HD

Nvidia 650GT 1024mb Graphics




Im playing around I notice the system get VERY hot. When I say very, I mean hitting 100+ degrees C. Easily surpassing my watercooled desktop machine.


Idle sitting in OSX with nothing running 51-55 degrees, Idling in Parallels 8 (win7 x64) the CPU Die is at 58-60 degrees. Stress testing brings the CPU to 100+ degress easily with fans running at 5000+ rpm.


Even Idling in a game the CPU hits 102 celcius with the  GPU running over 90.



Is this normal. If I put this on my lap, my legs are toast.


Have screen shots if needed.

MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Yeah, same thing happening to me. I just got temperature monitor, and I found out that I am getting temps of 95 celcius (203 farenhiet) It's REALLY scaring me!!!! If you find out anything lemme know!

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    I AM SO HAPPY. I figured out how to fix this!!!!



    1. get Temperature Monitor by Bresink

    2. get smcFanControl - google it

    3. Install them and get smcfancontrol to display the RPM up by your name (top bar)

    4. Check your temps with Temp Monitor, mine were about 95 (203 f) celcius when playing Minecraft

    5. Click the temperature and RPM sign the smc put on your top bar

    6. change Active Setting form DEFAULT to HIGHER RPM


    It makes your RPM go to about ~4000, which you still can't hear, but it brought my temps from an average of 95 celcius (203 f) when playing a game to about 57 (135 f). I am not kidding. It is amazing.


    Make sure to turn the Active Setting back to DEFAULT after playing your game.


    Do this every time you play, it might work the fans harder, but that is better than turning your computer into a heater.