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I want to learn how to transfer my games and music from my 32 gb iPod to 32 gb iPad.

iPad mini Wi-Fi, iPod not sure of operating system
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    You can copy iTunes purchases from your iPod to your computer's iTunes via File > Transfer Purchases (File > Devices > Transfer Purchases on iTunes 11) - if you have music from other sources (e.g. CDs) on your iPod which isn't on your computer nor on a backup then you will need to find a third-party program for your computer which can copy them off (some programs are listed half-way down this page).


    You can then take a backup of the iPod and restore that backup onto the iPad (as described on the Using iTunes section of the page that you posted from) and it should copy all of your iPod's content over - a backup doesn't contain music or the actual apps (just their content and settings) which is why you need to do the above 'transfer purchases' so that the restore can copy them onto the iPad.