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I am having exactly the same problem as described in this thread:  https://discussions.apple.com/message/20708992#20708992


Previously I was able to use the "trick" of having a duplicate photo in the library that I wanted to import which seems to force the dialog box to appear and then you can click on Add.  For some reason, that no longer works.


I have tried to import several photos from my main library into the "to be imported library" but I can no longer get the dialog box.


Does anyone have any tips to make this work?

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    What trouble shooting measures have you tried?




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    Thanks, Leonie.  Yes - I had done all those things!


    After many hours of frustration I did manage to solve it as follows - maybe useful for someone else.  Clearly this is an Aperture bug and disgraceful that Apple does nothing about it for so long.


    I copied the "to be imported library" to my main computer

    I experted a small projecct as a libarary from main library

    Switched to the "to be imported" library and imported the small library - for some reason that worked!

    Switch back to the main library

    Import the "to be imported library".... this time I get the dialog box and click ADD

    The import goes OK but the small project is now duplicated.... just delete the one with (1) on the end


    Thanks for your suggestions!

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    This is something that worked for me.


    If you have Aperture 3 and iPhoto '11 installed in the same machine, open the main library (to receive the imports) in Aperture and keep it open in the Projects window.


    Then open a library (.aplibrary) with the projects you want to import into the main library, but with iPhoto.


    In iPhoto, Aperture Projects are Named Events. In the Events window of the iPhoto, click on the Event (Project) to be imported, and drag into the Aperture Icon on the Dock on your screen. (DO NOT drag into the Aperture Projects window that nothing will happen.)


    The dragged Event will show up as a new Untitled Project in the Aperture Projects window.


    That's it. In my case I work usually with self-contained Aperture Libraries. But there's no reason it shouldn't work with libraries using referenced masters.


    Considering that -- for all I know -- you can't have two sessions/libraries open in Aperture at the same time, I've been solving some problems in my workflow using iPhoto and Aperture open at the same time in my iMac.


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    Same problem; here's my workaround. (1) open "new small library" I want to merge into "old large main library". Aperture opens with this one project in the small new library. (2) export project as library, naming it "small new library copy". (3) switch to "old large main library". (4) import "small new library copy", producing add/merge choice. After clicking add, it works. Tiresome, but it works.