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I recently got a new iMac and did the set up THEN I took it to the store to have my backup data loaded onto my new iMac from my old crashed iMac. Now I have 2 login accounts on my new iMac. The old one has my iTunes and iPhoto libraries and my new login is empty. Is it possible to move the libraries and the other data to my new login and delete the old one?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Yes. Drag one account's home folder to the other account's desktop and authenticate yourself.



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    I've done something a little different but have the same problem, sort of.  I had been with AT&T for years and had iphones but I switched to VZ wireless quite a while back and got a droid.  I just switched back and got the iphone 4S and was downloading apps from the phone having forgot I already had an iTunes account so I created another one. 


    After doing the above (which I'm not sure where to even start) is it possible to get all of the songs from my old account loaded onto my new phone (I haven't even attempted it yet because I don't know where to start)?

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    Update:  home sharing is turned on so all of my songs show up in 1 library but I've tried dragging & dropping the old songs into the new phone & it won't allow it.  Is there a way around this?

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    Figured it out.  Switching different hard drives caused the path to get screwed up.  Old hard drive was :K & new one is :F.  It kept trying to find them in :K which wasn't there.  Changed the path, all songs transferred.