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I really need you help guys! Please.

So here's what happened i have a macbook OS 10. Something, then i tried to update my itunes and safari firm ware. Before i started updating i hot a prompt message that it should have a power source so what i did was i clicked yes and the. It just started updating then i plugged in the charger and it wont charge so i turned off the laptop. ( Im so stupid )

After that. Ii tried to turn on again my laptop and it turned on and you can only see is the white screen with mac logo and you can here the drive that is running.


Do you have any idea about this? How to trouble shoot?


Thank you so much in advance.


Happy holidays!!!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Here is Apple's note on the white/gray screen with mac logo on boot. Follow the steps to see if that can get you going again. 


    If your system was doing a firmware update, and you cut power in the middle, you can try the steps in the Apple note above, however, most likely you'll need to take it into Apple for service. Interrupting a firmware update can render a system into a brick.