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I have several basses - the one I like best and want to recod most is my Stingray, which is the only active bass I have. The difference (in power) to the others is big ... I like them all, but when I use the Stingray I always have to adjust the amp and compressor .... is it possible that I should turn down the 'Gain' on the software bass amp? I'd think so .... the bass is already supplying pre-amp. Comments?

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    What are you using for an audio interface? The Music Man bass should NOT overpower the preamp of the audio interface if you want a clean sound. (this is before Logic is even in the picture)


    Because the Ray has an active circuit, you aren't going to sacrifice tone or frequency response by running the bass lower. The might want to look up "gain staging" on the Internet.


    As far as Logic is concerned, after you get the bass working well with the audio interface, then adjust Logic's effects. It all depends on what audio interface you're using and how you're monitoring the Bass's input level.

    My first thought is the Stingray shound not be running full or near full volume... to much output will muddy things up. 

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    I'm using a PreSonus FireStudio Mobile. Yes, I see what you're saying .... the other basses I have are passive: Jazz Bass and a Rickenbacker, so plugging it the Stingray (only got it recently) was a bit of a change. I'll take this info on board, thanks Pancenter