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I keep losing my WIFI connection and have to constantly input the WIFI password in to reconnect

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    I have the same issue with my iPhone. I turned off my cell usage and 3G in settings and it seems to stay connected to my home wifi. I have not tried out outside of my house. I have seen other posts that say to set your router to only 20 MHz if you have duel 20/40 MHz, but I have no clue how to do it.

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    I found this link. Hope there is something in there that helps you.


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    Cordless phones (2,4 GHz), microwaves, baby monitors can all interfere with Wi-Fi. When I lose my home connection, I "forget this network", power down phone, unplug router for a few minutes. Turn everything back on - problem solved. May have to repeat it next day, sometimes needed, sometimes not). At least now I stay connected at home.

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    I found out (at my home at least) that just disconnecting (unplugging)  the router for about 5 minutes and turning it back on solves the problem of not staying connected to my home WiFi.


    I read an article that microwaves, baby monitors and cordless phones, and probably other things as well, can all interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.  When this happened, my older iPhone and iTouch pod, and PC's were not affected, and only my iPhone had problems. But unplugging the router for about 5 minutes solves my problem for a couple of weeks, until something happens again, and then I repeat the process.