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I had built a database to catalog my CD/Cassette/Album collection in Appleworks and it held more than 3500 entries.  With an upgrade, the OS did not support it and I lost it all.  Going to start again, but want to be sure the app I use will be sufficient.  Anyone out there have any issues with Numbers?  Suggest an alternative?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 17 "2.4 GHz 4GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
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    Hi Hawkeye,


    I read your question, and decided to test Numbers. I opened a blank Numbers document and held my

    finger on the Enter key (to add rows to the sheet) until I reached Row 1160. Then I gave up (yawn) and here I am replying to you.


    I also tried Numbers Help, but could not find technical details about the maximum size of a sheet.


    No doubt Numbers allows more rows than 1160, but I don't know how many.


    A suggestion: when you start to compile your list again, save your data as a tab-delimited plain text file (tabs between columns). Such a file can be opened by any app. If it doesn't fit into Numbers, you will still have your data.



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    Hi Kim,


    Numbers has a Columns limit of 256 and a Rows limit of 65,535.


    1000 Rows or so is the practical limit for a responsive document.This figure varies widely depending on the use of special features and the complexity of functions used.