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Hi all, I've done everything in the guide article but when I open the App on iPad it says either "Connecting to your Library" or simply "loading" and just sits there for ages (all the time I've been searching the Community and writing this and its still loading - thats around half an hour at the moment). I have around 800 movies on a Synology DS413J so is it likely to be sheer volume slowing it?

The reason I want to use Remote App is that I thought it might give the option to display a list of movies via Apple TV that could be scrolled through or paged through or even searched because leafing through 800 Movie artworks one by one to select a movie to watch would take an age - I might as well walk into the study and put on the DVD!

Any help gratefully accepted.





AppleTV 2, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Synology DS 413J plus iPad Remote