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  iPhone 5 and  Bluetooth,  don´t work with Volvo XC70 2012 and Hands free :-(    the iPhone will crasch and have to be rebooted.  New MBP can´t transfer to  the same  iPhone5.  My iPhone 5 can´t transfer to an another brand  new iPhone 5 ,  and my iPhone5 wont find other Bluetooth computers or phones,    My MBP can see  my iPhone5   My volvo can connect to iPhone5.      

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2, Blue tooth
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    Only suggestion about Bluetooth and Volvo I can offer is to

    be sure to run the latest updates for the Volvo equipment.


    As for bluetooth transfer between iPhones or iPhone and MBP,

    this is not a feature of iphone, iPad or iOS, never has been.

    Bluetooth is supported for stereo headsets/speakers, handsfree

    telephone devices/headsets, some keyboards,

    some peer-to-peer apps from the app store and internet tethering

    where provided by the carrier.

    Other than this it will not connect to a phone/computer/device. 

    (thanks to ckuan for the wording)

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    Thanks, imobl!!


    Ok,  if I understand rigth its not possible to make a file transfer betveen BBP and an iPhone etc,   tried some apps  but it didn t work I lern something every day.  Volvo don´t have any solution. VolvoXC70 Hands Free work  with my other phones, Ericssson, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung. 

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    You are correct in your understanding - there is no bluetooth

    file transfer between iPhones or iPhone and other cellphones or



    Car bluetooth is tough to diagnose. I can connect to a Nissan Rogue

    with both iPhone 4 & 5 while the car's owner cannot with his iPhone 5.

    Perhaps the Volvo fora/discussion boards might offer a clue.


    Thank you for the feedback. And hope you get the iPhone and Volvo

    to work together.