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The new battery is on the iBook. Date and Time reset. Zapped pram, ran disk utilities, MacJanitor.  On restart the static sound is gone. Cjime only Printing issues remain. I was able to print a one page Apple Works 6 document. Documents of more than one page do not print well. Same as before.


Any suggestions?



MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    Which printer do you have attached? Has this always happened or just started? if it's just started, anything change, like software install or updates?

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    Hello Knucklesmac, No changes to the iBook. The printer is a Lexmark Z2300.  Never had issues with the printer. It works OK with Win 7 and Mountain Lion.  The last time I used the printer with iBook was at the end of July. No problems then. iBook is not used frequently but it was the go to computer for printing and maintaining files I wantd to keep. MBA arrived here in November.


    The printing issues started about a week ago. First page prints well. The remaining pages are not legible. Streaky type pages.  


    The Mac was having other issues at the same time as the priniting problems started. On boot there was a static sound predeeding the chime. Once the new battery was on I zapped the pram and startup is normal. Chime no static.


    I left the iBook on to discharge battery. It would sleep once or twice then freeze awake. It was necessary to shutdown by pressing the power button. Cursor would disappear when the iBook froze.


    Thanks for reading.

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    Hi, I just ran Disk Utility from the install CD. Repair disc gave the OK messge.  There is another disc, Apple Hardware Test included with the packet. I have not used that. Not sure how to proceed on the hardware test CD.



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    I just ran the Apple Hardware Test CD. iBook froze as soon as I inserted the disc. Force quit, restart, and ran program. "passed" all harware tests.


    The iBook G4 is the stock 800Mhz out of the box. The only aditional hardware is Airport Extreme card installed at the Apple Store at the time of purchase, Jan. 24, 2004.


    Thanks for reading