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I am perfectly aware of how to do this using the old version of itunes.

however i just got a new macbook pro retina... and it came with the latest version of itunes.

and i was trying to import/export garage band files between my ipad and mac via itunes.

and the option for apps, that is usually on the left side where you can then select garage band from in itunes, isnt there in the new version of itunes.

has anyone got a work around for this?



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Nic, for me the iTunes window looks like this, when I connect my iPad 3:


    • I select the iPad in the "devices" section of the Sidebar (use: "View > Show Sidebar" if the sidebar is hidden).
    • Click the "Apps" tab in the "Devices" pane.
    • Scroll all the way down in the Devices pane to "File Sharing" "Apps" section.
    • Then do I click "GarageBand" to select the documents in the right panel.


    Which part is different for you? Perhaps you could post a screenshot?