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I use an external HD on my MBP as TM but I do not have it always connected, therefore the system makes local backups with white label and pink backup while the external HD is connected.

I whould like to move the local backups to the external drive each time it is connected or eventually even remove this backups: the reason is to not "waste" space on the internal HD.  Is it possible to do this ?

If this is not possible I would like to ask Apple to implement this option.

An alternative could be to deactivate TM if the external HD is not connected, which of course could be done manually but I do not like to do this because I am afraid to forget to activate it again.

My suggestion could be the user could select one of the follows :

a) TM Activated works only if the external HD is connected and no local backup is done. Without the external TM HD is impossible to empty the trash.

b) TM Activated saves backup locally and move this backups to the external TM HD as soon as it is connected.


iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 3,4 gHz i7 - 16GB
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    You can't move local snapshots. They're in a completely different format from, and have different content than, TM snapshots. There is no way to implement your request.

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    Thanks Linc.

    This means that if I keep TM activated most of the time without the external HD connected I will step by step fill my local HD with snapshots. How to clean this local snapshots ?  Will they be deleted if I connect the external HD and format it to restart a new TM and in the future never leave TM active without the external HD connected ?

    I know it will not be a safe way to use TM but this will not be the problem because it is reduntand: I have an iMac at home with its own TM Disc always active, a MBP which is every 2-3 days exactly synced with the iMac and has exactly the same Apps and data. The TM disc for the MBP is in a different location and connected only at WeekEnds, and every month I make a manual backup of both Macs on 2 different discs.  With the Thunderbolt connection it is fast.

    Thanks for yoyr time Linc.

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    You don't need to worry about filling the volume with local snapshots. They're deleted automatically when they expire, or when free space on the volume falls below a certain level.


    OS X Mountain Lion: About local snapshots


    The Finder reports the space occupied by the snapshots as "available," which it is. Think of the snapshots as putting available space to good use, instead of wasting it. It's still available for new files.

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    Great  !!!!!

    I was looking for a solution pretending to improve a system which actually is alredy much better than I knew.

    Thanks for your explanation. I will go on this way