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Hi everyone,

I have got a MBP-RD. (2.7 Ghz w 16Gb ram + SSD). I have been noticing some odd things which I will list below. I would like a 2nd opinion from the community.

1. Hot Corners stop working at 'random' times. Restarting computer sometimes does nothing to fix this. I noticed that when this happens the dock can lose the magnification animation.

2. There was an occasion where the battery ran out. When I plugged the power supply in the computer just kept on restarting. When I got the login screen, I could enter my password but then it would restart the Mac. I eventually got it after multiple tries.

3. When loading my photos folder – in Finder – it takes ages to load and can cause everything else to become sluggish. There is a large number of files (>30k) in that folder, which I am trying to clear, but I didn't think it would slow the whole system down so much.

4. I started to type this with 21% battery,now i have 9% left. I have only got Copy window running – as it prepares to copy about >30k files to an external HDD.

I am just wondering if this are signs that I've got a lemon? If so I will book in a session at the Genius Bar.

Thanks heaps.

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I keep my MBP plugged in when near an outlet.  I let it run down to 40% at least once a month, but I rarely let it run below 20%.


    After 18 months and 24 cycles (2 charges from 50% to 100% are 1 cycle, etc) I have 101% of battery capacity.


    Plug it in now.

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    Interesting. I will give that a try. Thanks Steve. I guess that helps to address any potential issues with my battery. Will wait for other to respond to the other issues I brought up.


    Thanks again

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    1. I do not know

    2.  you should allow at least a quarter of an hour to charge before trying to start the MBP, a large battery does not come easily above 2-3% and before that it will not start the MBP.

    3. I presume that "loading my photos" come from another disk to the SSD: the SSD writes are MUCH slower than the reads as long as Trim did not "prepare" the deleted file space. Read about specifics of SSD. WRITING A LARGE NUMBER OF FILES - EVEN SMALL ONES - WILL SUFFOCATE THE SSD.

    4. See 3.

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    I have an HP TouchPad (got it on closeout prices).


    It sometimes runs dead (not smart) and when it does it needs 15 minutes at least charging before it even reports 2% power.

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    Lex / Steve, thanks for the info on the battery. I will keep that in mind.


    Lex, the files are actually already on my SSD, I am just trying to view them in Finder.

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    How much free space do you have on the SSD?

    Is there another provess going that writes files to the SSD at the same time?

    How much Ram do you have?