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Hi everyone,

I have got a MBP-RD. (2.7 Ghz w 16Gb ram + SSD). I have been noticing some odd things which I will list below. I would like a 2nd opinion from the community.

1. Hot Corners stop working at 'random' times. Restarting computer sometimes does nothing to fix this. I noticed that when this happens the dock can lose the magnification animation.

2. There was an occasion where the battery ran out. When I plugged the power supply in the computer just kept on restarting. When I got the login screen, I could enter my password but then it would restart the Mac. I eventually got it after multiple tries.

3. When loading my photos folder – in Finder – it takes ages to load and can cause everything else to become sluggish. There is a large number of files (>30k) in that folder, which I am trying to clear, but I didn't think it would slow the whole system down so much.

4. I started to type this with 21% battery,now i have 9% left. I have only got Copy window running – as it prepares to copy about >30k files to an external HDD.

I am just wondering if this are signs that I've got a lemon? If so I will book in a session at the Genius Bar.

Thanks heaps.

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)