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I am having a hard time attempting to make an image move in Motion but not become visible until it passes through a certain location.  I tried searching but think I am just asking the wrong the questions.  I basically have an image that is going to slide open with a Motion Behavior but I only want part of the image visaible until it moved through a certain point.  Any suggestions or ideas would greatly be appreciated.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), FCP 7.0
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    All objects are contained within a Group, even at the top level, including images.


    Animate your image as you want (keyframe, Throw behavior, etc.).


    Add an Image Mask to the Group level (select the group and type Command Shift M).


    Draw a rectangle that will become a "viewport" for your image to "enter" into (preferably within the group with the image.)


    Drag and drop the Rectangle layer (from the layer list) onto the Image Mask added to the group (the rectangle layer should become deactivated [unchecked] automatically; if not, uncheck it in the layers list.) [The Rectangle object must be Filled; whether or not you have it outlined is up to you.]