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I have downloaded the latest drivers and software for my Canon MF3010 printer which is connected through an Airport Extreme.  I set up the printer. It shows that it is available.  When I print, the queue shows it sending the document, but it times out and gives me the error : Stopped - 'Filter' failed, page 1


I have reset my printing system and restarted my computer several times per the advice I've seen in the discussions, but no success.  Every time I set up the printer, I get the same printer error.

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Launch the Console application in any of the following ways:


    ☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)


    ☞ In the Finder, select Go Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.


    ☞ Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Console in the icon grid.


    Select "/var/log/cups/error_log" from the file list in the Console window. Then select the messages from the time of the last printing attempt. Copy them (command-C) to the Clipboard. Paste (command-V) into a reply to this message.


    If there are runs of repeated messages, post only one example of each. Don’t post many repetitions of the same message.

    When posting a log extract, be selective. In most cases, a few dozen lines are more than enough.

    Please do not indiscriminately dump thousands of lines from the log into this discussion.

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    Here is the single error message in its entirety:


    E [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Job stopped due to filter errors; please consult the error_log file for details.

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] The following messages were recorded from 23:04:51 to 23:05:02

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Adding start banner page "none".

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Queued on "Canon_MF3010" by "AnneShaw".

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] File of type application/pdf queued by "AnneShaw".

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Setting job-hold-until to no-hold

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Adding end banner page "none".

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Job released by user.

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] time-at-processing=1356840291

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] job-sheets=none,none

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] argv[0]="Canon_MF3010"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] argv[1]="2"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] argv[2]="AnneShaw"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] argv[3]="Microsoft Word - Document1"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] argv[4]="1"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] argv[5]="AP_ColorMatchingMode=AP_ApplicationColorMatching AP_D_InputSlot= brightness=100 CN_PdlWrapper_DebugMode=0 noCNBarCode CNBrightness=6 CNContrast=6 CNCopies=1 noCNDraftMode CNEncodeType=1 CNGamma=1.4 CNHalftone=pattern2 CNLANG=en_US noCNOutputAdjustment CNPDECALL=CNLZ0060 CNPDEUserName=QW5uZSBTaGF3 CNPrintSetting..b. CNQueueDescription=Canon\ MF3010 CNSpecialPrintMode=Mode1 CNSystemEncoding=0 noCNWhiteGap collate com.apple.print.DocumentTicket.PMSpoolFormat=application/pdf com.apple.print.JobInfo.PMApplicationName=Word com.apple.print.JobInfo.PMJobName=Microsoft\ Word\ -\ Document1 com.apple.print.JobInfo.PMJobOwner=Anne\ Shaw com.apple.print.PageToPaperMappingMediaName=Letter com.apple.print.PageToPaperMappingType..n.=1 com.apple.print.PrinterInfo.PMColorDeviceID..n.=5308 com.apple.print.PrintSettings.PMColorSpaceModel..n.=1 com.apple.print.PrintSettings.PMCopies..n.=1 com.apple.print.PrintSettings.PMCopyCollate..b. com.apple.print.PrintSettings.PMDestinationType..n.=1 com.apple.print.PrintSettings.PMFirstPage..n.=1 com.apple.print.PrintSettings.PMLastPage..n.=2147483647 com.apple.print.PrintSettings.PMPageRange..a.0..n.=1 com.apple.print.PrintSettings.PMPageRange..a.1..n.=2147483647 DestinationPrinterID=Canon_MF3010 Filter=None gamma=1000 media=Letter MediaType=PlainPaper number-up=1 PageSize=Letter PaperInfoIsSuggested..b. printer-resolution=600x600dpi pserrorhandler-requested=standard Resolution=600x600dpi job-uuid=urn:uuid:3e114786-131b-3a8b-7d95-e152f840370c job-originating-host-name=localhost time-at-creation=1356840291 time-at-processing=1356840291 job-impressions=1 com.apple.print.PrintSettings.PMTotalSidesImaged..n.=1 sides=one-sided Duplex=None com.apple.print.PrintSettings.PMTotalBeginPages..n.=1"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] argv[6]="/private/var/spool/cups/d00002-001"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[0]="<CFProcessPath>"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[1]="CUPS_CACHEDIR=/private/var/spool/cups/cache"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[2]="CUPS_DATADIR=/usr/share/cups"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[3]="CUPS_DOCROOT=/usr/share/doc/cups"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[4]="CUPS_FONTPATH=/usr/share/cups/fonts"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[5]="CUPS_REQUESTROOT=/private/var/spool/cups"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[6]="CUPS_SERVERBIN=/usr/libexec/cups"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[7]="CUPS_SERVERROOT=/private/etc/cups"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[8]="CUPS_STATEDIR=/private/etc/cups"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[9]="HOME=/private/var/spool/cups/tmp"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[10]="PATH=/usr/libexec/cups/filter:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[11]="SERVER_ADMIN=root@localhost"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[12]="SOFTWARE=CUPS/1.6svn"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[13]="TMPDIR=/private/var/spool/cups/tmp"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[14]="USER=root"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[15]="CUPS_MAX_MESSAGE=2047"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[16]="CUPS_SERVER=/private/var/run/cupsd"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[17]="CUPS_ENCRYPTION=IfRequested"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[18]="IPP_PORT=631"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[19]="CHARSET=utf-8"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[20]="LANG=en_US.UTF-8"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[21]="APPLE_LANGUAGE=en-US"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[22]="PPD=/private/etc/cups/ppd/Canon_MF3010.ppd"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[23]="RIP_MAX_CACHE=128m"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[24]="CONTENT_TYPE=application/pdf"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[25]="DEVICE_URI=dnssd://Canon%20MF3010._riousbprint._tcp.local."

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[26]="PRINTER_INFO=Canon MF3010"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[27]="PRINTER_LOCATION=James Shaw's AirPort Extreme"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[28]="PRINTER=Canon_MF3010"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[29]="PRINTER_STATE_REASONS=none"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[30]="CUPS_FILETYPE=document"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[31]="FINAL_CONTENT_TYPE=printer/Canon_MF3010"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] envp[32]="AUTH_I****"

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Started filter /Library/Printers/Canon/CUPS_MF_Printer/Bins/capdftopdl (PID 517)

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Started backend /usr/libexec/cups/backend/dnssd (PID 518)

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] capdftopdl start.

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Resolving "Canon MF3010._riousbprint._tcp.local."...

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] STATE: +connecting-to-device

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Resolving "Canon MF3010", regtype="_riousbprint._tcp", domain="local."...

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Looking for printer.

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Set job-printer-state-message to "Looking for printer.", current level=INFO

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Resolved as "riousbprint://James-Shaws-AirPort-Extreme.local.:10000/Canon%20MF3010%200116O0 000523"...

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] STATE: -connecting-to-device,offline-report

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Executing backend "/usr/libexec/cups/backend/riousbprint"...

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] STATE: +connecting-to-device

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Looking up "James-Shaws-AirPort-Extreme.local."...

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Connecting to James-Shaws-AirPort-Extreme.local.:10000

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Connecting to printer.

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Set job-printer-state-message to "Connecting to printer.", current level=INFO

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Connected to (IPv4)...

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] STATE: -connecting-to-device

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Connected to printer.

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Set job-printer-state-message to "Connected to printer.", current level=INFO

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] OUT read_id=2

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] STATE: -com.canon.unsupportedsize-error

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] End of print data, waiting for final back-channel data...

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] PID 517 (/Library/Printers/Canon/CUPS_MF_Printer/Bins/capdftopdl) stopped with status 1.

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Hint: Try setting the LogLevel to "debug" to find out more.

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] OUT close_id=3

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] IN request_id=2

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] IN request_id=3

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] Ready to print.

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] PID 518 (/usr/libexec/cups/backend/dnssd) exited with no errors.

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] End of messages

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] printer-state=3(idle)

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] printer-state-message="Ready to print."

    D [29/Dec/2012:23:05:02 -0500] [Job 2] printer-state-reasons=none

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    STATE: -com.canon.unsupportedsize-error


    Looks like you're trying to print an unsupported paper size.

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    US Letter is the default.  I wish it was that simple.

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    Seems to be an internal driver error, then. Only Canon can fix that.

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    I have seen this same complaint from people about their Mountain Lion OS with various printers.  Epson, HP, etc.

    Sounds like Mountain Lion is a little too advanced for all of them.

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    I haven't seen that error mentioned before.

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    This was in July and August of this year.


    I phoned Apple Support today and the senior tech had to send my problem to the engineers. 


    Thanks for your time.

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    That's a different error. Please update this thread with the resolution you get from Apple, if any, so others can benefit from your experience.

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    I will. Thanks again.

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    I had the same issue.


    Finally, I re-installed OSX completely from OSX utilities on the recovery disk using cmd R when booting the mac.


    OSX took over 6 hours to download and install itself back.  THe following morning the Mac was on and ready.


    I can print now.

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    Sorry for not updating this conversation but the end result was: My wife finally decided she did not like the Air and I returned the present to my local Apple store. Bought her a new Acer PC.