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    It might be worth us making this thread a place to compile all the other threads we find. Many of the ones I looked at whilst trying to sort this degraded into silly claims of "an unknown source said" or "an Apple engineer told me on the quiet". We seem to have a solution here which may be something of a stop-gab, but until it's acknowledged and fixed, if we can post links to the other threads here, we can send this one to Apple to hopefully help in the solution.


    Other threads claimed the problem is a permament hardware issue, but as this seems very strongly to be linked to the autopoweroff function, and the above mentioned update, it must be something that can be cured with a software update.


    Here are some links of others with what seems to be the same issue:

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    Thanks for this. I'll give it a shot. Please keep us posted what else you figure out (with or without those AppleCare geniuses).

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    Ya, what I don't get is that the autopoweroff is set to work for both AC and Battery when this update is installed, yet the system doesn't do it when it's on battery.  That's the problem I have with this.  I don't mind it hibernating, I'm used to that from the Windows days.  What I don't think is right is that it only does it in one mode and not the other even though it's set to do it in both modes.  Makes no sense... well, unless the sense is that Apple screwed up on the patch, which is what I think happened.


    The problem here is that this new behavior is going to be the norm for SSD equipped systems... which the Pro models of 2012-mid and before didn't have.  I think this is why it's messed up.  They released one patch to cover multiple systems but overlooked the fact that they all don't have the same hardware and/or behavior.  SSD users most likely won't notice the hibernation wake because SSD is much faster, but standard HD users will.


    Either way, one thing is majorly evident... AppleCare support reps are not very brite from my experience... and neither are the engineers supporting them.

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    I think it's unfair to criticise the Apple support team – narrowing down the fault based on some of the comments in these threads would not be easy. There are some very curious fixes that others claim worked for them. There's clearly a trend forming here, but that's not to say that some of the people complaining have something similar, but not the same. Without being able to get direct access to a computer, and watch the fault, it can't be easy for them. It'd also be interesting to find out how many people on the forums have actually contacted Apple, and of those, how many were able to supply very detailed logs of the problem.


    I've sent an email to the very helpful guy who's been working on my case, and included this and other posts. Hopefully it will help them narrow it down to a solution that could result in an update...


    As it is, having also checked my computer in safe boot mode, I know that in my case at least, using Terminal to enter sudo pmset -a autopoweroff 0 has cured it.


    Once I hear back, I'll post here.

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    ********.  When I tell you that you can load up OSX up to version 10.8.2 (12C60) and then put it asleep and wake it with the clamshell and then put it back to sleep and connect and disconnect the charger and watch that it DOES NOT wake up.  Then I tell you to install update DL1609 (the one that causes this chagne in behavior) and then put the system asleep by closing the clamshell and plug and unplug it and watch the LED go solid and hear the fan kick in when it wakes up for 15 or so seconds and you tell me that you cannot duplicate this when I can do it with two MacBook Pros and then also with every single one in an Apple Store if needed (yes, I've tested there as well and showed the genius guys and they scratched their heads like idiots too), then you're too slow to be an "engineer" or "senior tech" at Apple.  I'm sorry, but attention to details is apparently one thing Apple support does not have.  To make matters worse, I then send them a video of what the problem is and all of a sudden a lightbulb goes off and they go... oh, that helped a lot.  Ya, you're an IDIOT!  Please get fired from Apple or something.


    Sorry to be so blunt, but you have to admit, when THAT much hand holding is needed for the people that should be providing ME with support and answers, there's a problem there... and it's not me.  I'm actually glad more and more people are finally stumbling past this issue because up until now and most certainly right when the patch came out, NOBODY but me it seems had noticed this behavior change.

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    I agree, slow support from Apple is a big disappointment for me. Where is the attention to detail? Now I miss Steve the most ...

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    I am using a Mac Mini 2012 with following values:


    AC Power

    Currently in use:

    standby              1

    powerbutton          1

    womp                 0

    autorestart          0

    hibernatefile        /var/vm/sleepimage

    networkoversleep     0

    disksleep            10

    sleep                60

    autopoweroffdelay    14400

    hibernatemode        0

    autopoweroff         1

    ttyskeepawake        1

    displaysleep         60

    standbydelay         4200



    I don't understand why Apple uses "standby 1" (which is hibernate) for a desktop computer? It is also set to autopoweroff after 4 hours. Even though "hibernatemode" is set to "0" it still hibernates.


    My Mac mini randomly starts itself after 70 minutes (which is standbydelay 4200) instead of going to hibernate. And after 4 hours once I wake it up, I have to unplug and plug in my scanner again because it doesn't work otherwise.

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    ^^^ You need to call Apple and complain.  It's the only way they'll fix this.  They kept saying that no one else has called AppleCare about this problem and yet here you all are on their forums complaining about it.  Imagine that.

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    Glad autopower off is working for so many people. However, you'll notice you still have a slight issue – if you unplug your MBP from the AC adaptor before opening the lid, the light on the front will illuminate fully as the machine enters a darkwake. If you now open the lid, you'll find the screen stays dark, and won't turn on for about 40 seconds. Of course, the computer is still running far better than before chainging autopoweroff to 0, but I wasn't totally happy...


    I made a TimeMachine backup, then booted up in recovery mode (hold cmd R while restarting). I then erased the hard drive, reinstalled the OS, then restored from Time Machine, just unchecking the box for "settings" (don't know if this bit is necessary, but wanted to try). With the laptop up and running again, I went to updates in the App store. There were three at this time – Safari, Camera RAW, and "MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Update 2.0 2.0". I set the two other updates going, but hid the "2.0 2.0" one (holding ctrl and clicking anywhere but on the update button).


    My laptop is now running exactly as it should be. The only issue I had with turning settings off seems to have been losing my printers. All other settings are reset, but it's not an problem for me.


    Here's the interesting bit... now I haven't applied the update, there is NO mention of autopoweroff or autopoweroff delay in pmset! Also, acwake is still at 0, but it seems to actually work now (as in my MBP doesn't wake when the AC is connected or disconnected). I've passed all this on to my Apple Senior Technician, so I'll let you know if I hear anything back... To me, it's as if this update is meant for the Retina and Air MBPs that have Power Nap, but is causing problems with our mid-2012 MBPs.

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    ^^^ That is exactly what this update/capability was meant for.  SSD equipped MacBooks.  Something that the Apple coders overlooked when the decided to push this out to all Pros, non-retina ones included.  Stupid move and it's the cause of the issues.  DL1609 should be stricken off their update list for non-SSD equipped systems.  Seems to me PowerNap was only meant to be on those systems.


    Good luck with your Senior tech, mine's been a total loss acting as nothing more than a middle person between me and the engineers, which I might add didn't understand the issue either until a video was presented to them.

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    That solved my problem - thanks for sharing the info!


    It would be good to know if there is an update coming out for this at some point. I'm sure it is affecting alot of people but they don't know it. They simply wait for the macbook to come out of hybernation, thinking that's the way it is supposed to turn on.

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    Call and report it.  Also file it as a bug on their Feedback page for the product.

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    Apple seems to have added a new setting, "autopoweroff", to allow the system to hibernate when the lid is closed and the laptop is on AC power.  This complements the "standby" setting which is only used when on battery.


    Although the "standby" setting can have different values for AC and battery, Apple probably decided to introduce the new "autopoweroff" setting for backwards compatibility since the "standby" setting has historically been active only when on battery power.

  • SwankPeRFection Level 4 Level 4

    WP, that's actually interesting because having kept my system on build 12C60, I've turned Standby on for both power profiles but discovered that it only works when on battery and not when plugged in.  Why the heck does Apple have the listing for both power profiles then if it only works on one and not the other.  Furthermore, why wake the system up when you plug/unplug the power adapter to it?  That seems counterintuative to helping the system maintain longer battery life.

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    Some power settings are configurable for different power sources, for example "darkwakes".  Some, like "standby", seem to only ever have been used for when the system is on battery power.  Since this was the historical use, and people would be upset if "standby" settings suddenly were applied while on AC, Apple probably thought it was best to create a new setting just for AC - "autopoweroff".


    I think the system wakes up when you connect or disconnect AC power so that it can apply the appropriate power setting.  For instance, if you set "autopoweroff" to 0, and "standby" to 1, then close the lid... then wait until "standbydelay" seconds plus a few have elapsed, disconnect AC, wait a minute, and open the lid... you will find that the laptop is coming out of hibernate since the "standbydelay" time period has elapsed (since you closed the lid) and it went into hibernation after you disconnected the AC.  This seems to be the way it works although I would have expected it to wait for "standbydelay" seconds after disconnecting the AC before hibernating.


    I don't know how or if you can prevent the laptop from waking when you change power sources.