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Can I create pdf from Mail App on my Mountain Lion ?
I would like to create one single pdf including several mails from the same recipient

  • Arc676 Level 1 Level 1

    If you want to save all th messages in a thread (conversation), you select it in the sidebar viewer, file menu, save as, and save it somewhere. The problem is that you can only save it as text files. Maybe you can put the file in a pages document and save it as a pdf.

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    Mac OS X

    Not sure if this is what you want as a final doc but this just worked for me.

    Open email you wanted to save as PDF.

    Select "Print"

    When the print window opens look to the bottom left and select PDF.

    From the PDF drop down select save as PDF.

    Then select where you want to save it to.

    (I just saved a 9 page email from different people on the same email header)

  • Bomiboll Level 1 Level 1

    Save as... command will save a group of seleceted mails to rtf format which is v good since I can edit it. And then save as pdf
    Thus, the rtf format is actually better than pdf.

    Therefore. the most appealing solution to this question is Save as... suggested by Arc676 although I do not understand what Arc means by "sidebar viewer"; I selected dthe mails in Classic view in the panel for mails.