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A friend was complaing about not being able to use the iOS 6 Video app to stream videos from iTunes over his home network. I had never tried this, but was willing to see if I could find a solution for him. Here's what happened...


After launching the iOS 6 Video app on my iPad 4 or iPhone 4, I saw a large grey box wth a house/musical note icon and the label "Steve's Library." Tapping the con started a small progress circle that slowly filled to the halfway point and then stopped -- the same problem my friend had described. Eventually, the progress circle disappeared. But no videos appeared and nothing further could be done -- no amount of tapping did anything, and the app appearec to completely lack any kind of feedback or other controls/settings.


Opening the iOS Settings app, I saw a few settings for the Video app, but everything-- account, etc. -- seemed to be in order. On my "local" iMac, iTunes 11 is launched and Home Sharing turned on and set to the same account as on the iPad/iPhone. Both devices are on the same wi-fi network.


So in the end, I had the same results as my friend. Now it's time to turn the problem over to the higher intelligence of the forum's hive mind. Any ideas, fellow hivers? Or is the Video app broken under iOS 6/iTunes 11?


On behalf of both me and my friend, thanks!

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