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    Thanks - this was very helpful!

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    [.... Aperture isn't an editor in the sense of a PS. Aperture is a digital image developer, it develops the digital images much like a darkroom develops film negatives. Aperture doesn't do the type of cutting and pasting that a program like PS does. What it does do is give you the tools you need to take an image from the camera to the final print....]


    ...huh...? ...what...? ...means...? In 9 words or less please...?

    This question actually interests me, but even though I am reasonably familiar with Aperture and started out as a film photographer I am unable to unravel the above statement. Help!

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    "PsE is strictly an image editor. It does not have a library, so there is no organizing. "


    This is not a true statement. PSE has a catalog and whole section of the program (a separate program) called the Organizer, where photos can be arranged into Albums, by Events, Places (location), or by People (facial recognition). It does a fairly decent job. I haven't used Aperture lately, but I would assume Aperture does it better, and has more organizing options. But to say PSE doesn't have organizing capabilities is not accurate.

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    A raw file is not a viewable image - much like a film negative. A lot of processing has to be done - with various choices made along the way - in order to view it on the screen, again much like a film negative. Aperture does that processing and gives you great control over it, as well as organizing and providing some image enhancements.


    Aperture does not let you put your ex-wife's head onto a picture of a dog like PSE does, i.e., it does not do compositing.


    Does this help, rshammaa?

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    Yes Keith, that's correct. So why not put it that way.

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to re-phrase. I appreciate it.



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    Excellant program for improving the looks of all your important photos. Easy to use with many different tools available and great tutorials


    More Reviews for Photoshop Elements



    I think Aperture is an interesting option for the die hard Apple fans, but some of the actual editng algorithmns are not as good as what Adobe offers.  For the most basic users, I think it will work just fine.

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    Oh? So you think we're only "die-hard Apple fans" and only "most basic users". Can you please share with us who you are and what qualifications you have to make such grand statements? Especially when you link to Amazon reviews. After all they're such repositories of learned discussion... So, please, share. That way, others who read the thread will be able to know if you are indeed someone of brilliance and insight.

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    ... not to mention what Photoshop does file size vs Aperture.

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    When I originally started this thread and wanted to ask opinions of Aperture experts about what the app could do for me...that's just what I got. The information helped me decided to use Aperture (for my editing needs) and at the time I was comparing it with PSE.


    Based on the information the folks in this community provided me, I opted for Aperture, stuck with it, and at least from the opinion of a decent amateur photographer, I've found Aperture to be an excellent choice.  It's much easier to use than PSE (I know, PSE does some other things) but again, for what I wanted it for, Aperture has been great.


    I don't consider the folks here to be die-hard Apple fans...I consider them to be experts in Aperture, and many of them surely have experience with other editing apps.

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    When someone like NerdoNerdy9 says that as opposed to Aperture "some of the actual editng algorithmns are not as good as what Adobe offers" my ears perk up and I expect such a statement to be fleshed out with more detail and (at least some) concrete examples - short of which I am left with one man's opinion insead of verifiable facts tto help guide my decision to proceed this way or that.


    Opinion is good but....backing it with verifiable, qualitative/quantitative fact or data is better and more conducive to understanding available options.

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    Larry: I can't get Dropbox to work. Are there instructions anywhere on how to use it and what it's capable of?

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    Salix, just do a normal installation of Dropbox and then DO NOT let it copy what it wants, but instead choose the custom selection of folders to backup. Here, I select my entire /Pictures, /Documents, and /Music folders.  Then anything that changes in any of those three folders is changed on the Dropbox (online) equivalent folders. Anything else on my Mac can be rebuilt...but those three folders contain everything of true importance so an extra (free) online backup is a good idea.

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    Larry. I downloaded Drop and put my pictures in to it but when I put the Documents folder in it from Favorites it disappeared in a puff of smoke. How do I get it back?

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    Salix, in Finder, look at what's inside of "Dropbox".  Anything that's in your Favorites (on the left) that you drop into the Dropbox folder (in Favorites) will be listed there, or you can also add individual files to th Dropbox folder.  As for your /Documents disappearing...they haven't.  That folder is either in the /Dropbox folder or in your home folder.

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    I found it in my Home folder as you said. How do I put it back in Favorites?