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I am trying something really easy but could not solve it. Hope someone can help.


Ok, I know that if I choose ''Chapte Name'' as a pharagraph style, iBook reader automatically puts it into a new page, so the new page starts with the chapter name on top. I dont have any problems with my chapters.


However, I want my book to start with a page that has a brief info about the author. I want this info in the middle of the page (also centered in the middle). Than I want to go to the second page with a ''dedication'' part where I write my thanks to people. I also want this in the middle and centered. And finally I want to add my book title and author name together on the 3rd page. After that the chapters will start.


So, as I told you, the chapters work just fine. But when I try to center the text in the first 3 pages, (I press return several times on my keybord to do it) the pages interwine with each other. For example, the last part of page 2 goes on top of page 3.


I think this happens because I press the return key to center the texts. So, is there a way to lock texts to the pages where they belong to prevent them to interwine with other pages even if I press return to center the text




Is there another way to center text to prevent them to interwine with other pages...


Thank you

iBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)