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Hi, I just bought an iPhone 4s on Verizon since being a long time Android user and becoming sick of the low quality phones they offer. Regardless, I'm trying to get iMessage to work properly because for years I had been using Google Voice as my main texting platform, which allowed for free texts and MMS over data with no additional cost. The issue is that Google Voice creates a primary number to which all other phones are linked, so I have 2 numbers basically - Verizon & Google Voice.


Whenever I send a text through iMessage is reverts to my Verizon number, which none of my family/friends have because I've been so accustomed to giving out my Google Voice number for convenience.


I don't mind giving out a new number, but TLDR - if I go to Google Voice and ask that they change my Google Voice number to my current Verizon number (effectively merging the two as one), would iMessage work as it's supposed to? By that I mean would it recognize that the two phones are iPhones and switch the texting over to iMessage?


I'd appreciate any help in this matter!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6, Google Voice and iMessage