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Hi guys,


Lately i've been searching the web, apple discussion forums and a lot more because i was suffering from battery problems in iPhone 5. Lots of and lots of the reading through the weekend, finally i fixed my problem and i want to let you know how i fixed it.


First of all i must say this, my battery was awful.It was like this, for 4-5 hours of usage and 2-3 hours of standby %2-%3.


For me this is and wierd problem. I was using apple products for a long time but i was using mac, ipad and apple tv. iPhone 5 is my first iPhone so didn't have any data to compare. i was using nokia e72 and its battery was quite good because there was no touch screen, not this much of data transfer and etc.


I've been waiting to get my hands on an iPhone for a long time, finally i get mine like a week ago.


As soon as i got my iPhone, i directly upgraded it to 6.0.2. because thats the thing about apple products right? Always be updated. For using a while, i noticed battery drains so fast. First i thought it was normal because this is a completely different phone. Its really a smart phone. Not like my old crappy nokia.


My daily routine was, i charge my iPhone to %100 leave it a while until the trickle charge is done, and i unplug my iPhone then leave home. I was really trying to pay attention not to over charge it. Despite all my efforts my battery is always like %5 in the afternoon like 16-17 pm. It was really annoying. Then i bought a charger for my car. It wasn't a solution but kept my phone working.


This weekend i really, really got annoyed by the battery issue and i started searching the web. I read a lot of articles, forums and etc. And i did a lot of readings about lithium batteries too.


After reading a figured out the problem for me. My prediction is this problem occurs for safari bookmarks over the iCloud or some damage part of iOS or synching. And i was getting some awdd and safari reports on the diagnostics.


I said to myself ok, i can live with some wifi issues but i cant live with this battery problem.




I transfered all my photos, application and data to iPhoto and iTunes etc.


Then i downloaded a new iOS 6.0.1 ipsw from apple website. I make my phone in DFU mode. (this is crutial, you must be in DFU mode)

Then i restored my iPhone with the new ipsw, i downloaded from the apple website.


I restored it as a new iPhone. and did not restore any backups. Because maybe there were some damaged files in the back up can cause the problem again.

After restoring my phone as a new iPhone, i made some changes in the settings.


Such as i disabled ad tracking and disable sending diagnostics. I closed everything on the spotlight search since i wasn't using any.

In iCloud setting i disabled safari and deleted data from my phone. Everything else is on. (I disabled passbook too since its not functional in my country)


I also disabled weather and stock from notifications center.


And last thing i disabled push notifications on mail and now i am getting them in every 30 minutes.


Last thing i want to mention that, turn off your phone once a day with pushing the power button until slide to turn off. and turn it back on again. Since iOS doesnt have a task manager, this way you can clear the inactive ram usage and open space for active ram usage.


After doing all this restoring, i used all my battery to the end until its closed and i charged it like 3-4 hours and wait it for complete the cycle. (You can observe the cycle by using battery doctor app)


Now after all doing this my usage is like that standby 13 hours 28 min, Usage 3 hours 32 minutes and battery is %75 and 3G and Wifi is always on. And use location only when you need it.


Now i'm not updating my software to 6.0.2, i hope 6.1 will fix the issue.



Hope this will help you guys, please let me know if you use this process and change anything for your battery.


Sorry for the long post but i am sure this will help some of you. And sorry for my language because english is not my native language. If any questions, you can reply it and i will answer as soon as possible.


Best Regards...

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), iOS 6.0.1
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    Hi Friend,


    I usually recharge the battery until reach 80 to 85%. If you always full recharge the battery, the battery will drain quite fast.


    Make a full recharge just once a month (says IOS 6 User's Guide).


    My battery life is over 15 hors with a single charge. In stand by (without make calls, text messages, games or something else), I already presented up 30 hours a single charge!


    Hope it will be helpful

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    I will give it a try. I have tried the other solutions posted. I do t use spotify and I don't used many of the other apps that people had problems wi. My phone was fine, ii could last at least two days between changes and then after I updated to 6.0.2 I can't last 12 hours at home, no apps running and only one phone call. 

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    Seems like Apple could fix this with a software/firmware update.


    I just got my phone with 6.0.2 but it sounds like this wasn't an issue prior to this update?????

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    Yes there is something really wrong about 6.0.2, it really drains battery. I pretty sure Apple knows this situation and fix it with 6.1, which will be out like mid-January. until then i suggest you to use 6.0.1.


    I've read some of the developer beta reviews of 6.1, they say baterry problem is fixed but you can never know until you use it.


    Yes 6.0.2 fixes the wifi problem but it creates a bigger problem.


    Hope 6.1 will be better in everyway.

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    While i don't agree with all the steps in this entire post. the biggest thing for me was push to fetch..


    push i would get 4 - 4.5 hours usage and 8 hours standby tops.. never more... fetch i get 7-8 hours usage, whole day on standby


    there is without doubt an issue with push in iOS 6

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    If that doesn't help then try what I did, it's quicker. 

    Here is the link: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4650508

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    Same as I do basically, except emails every hour, I always use itunes and have in fact turned off icloud and home sharing.  A good setup which doesnt take away too much functionality

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    good advices!! hm..strange,i see my battery lasts longer since iOS 6.0.2 on my iPhone 5.. but ill use the advices for my iPhone 4S

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    A quick note about user perception of battery percentage semantics: 

    Manufactures and programmers set full Lithium battery charge at 85% (such as General Motors with their Volt electric car, in order for the battery to last the length of the warranty).  End users; such as, ourselves, need not worry about the upper and lower most charging ideal of lithium battery usage.  It should be anywhere between 100% and 1% then auto shutdown, with low battery warnings of course.  What the iOS 6 User Guide link to the Apple website regarding the explanation of how MOST lithium battery systems quickly charges does not alter how iPhone users should charge their phones.  Charge it to 100%, if you have the time.  I have a iPhone 3G and 4 that was and is always charged to full 100% charge.  The original iPhone batteries continue to be good after 4.5 and 2.5 years.  Maybe it's still good because I never let my iPhones freeze in winter and cook in summer when outdoors.

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    Hey, could you please give me a link of that download?