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Hello there!

I seem to be having issues with my 13" Macbook Pro. My cursor is moving/jumping all across the screen and has become unresponsive. I'm not sure if this is a trackpad issue or not. I have tried everything I have seen on the internet. It started occuring last night so I have shut it off, restarted it and unplugged the charger. Left it overnight shut off and turned it on this morning with no luck. I have reset the PRAM (Command+Option+r+p+), restarted it, went and threw my install DVD to repair permissions and what not. None of this has worked! I did go into my settings and turned off all track pad functions. Somewhat fixed it but the cursor is still being a problem as I type this. I also wiped off the trackpad to see if that helped. Now I am here asking for help. Can someone shed to light on anything else I can attempt to solve the problem before I take it to my somewhat local Apple Store?

I need my computer to complete homework assignments and projects so a fast fix would be fantastic!




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)