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I cannot access Photoshop CS5 since upgrading to Mt. Lion. I have tried to enter the commands in the terminal as provided in this forum but it doesn't work. I've been on the phone with Apple Support. They gave me the phone number to Oracle...they hung up on me! I need help!!!


My new problem that showed up this morning was my LaCie external HD with Firewire 800 isn't showing up...have I messed up with Mt. Lion upgrade?

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    Annoying and frustrating though it may be, you're going to have to backtrack and provide more information regarding the problem you're experiencing.  In order to save time, feel free to post links to other discussion threads were you've sought assistance—though if you can, try to post to the relevant posts in those threads rather than the thread as a whole, if you can.


    You might start by simply providing the error message or describing in simple terms the undesired behaviour that you're seeing.



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    This is what I tried but to no avail. The Apple Support person on the phone said it looked as though I had no Java 6 to go back to.

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    Ah! The proverbial missing information. Step one, then, is to restore the OS. Boot into recovery mode (CMD+R) and restore it. That'll put all requisite Java components into place. Then, on first launch of anything needing the JRE, you'll get a dialog box asking if you want to install it.

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    So then will it install Java SE6 Runtime?

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    Should. IIRC, the baseline is Java 6 and not 7. Read the previous links.

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    Well...this didn't help. I reinstalled Mountain Lion, then tried to open Photoshop, but the message came up to install Java SE6 Runtime. I clicked to install, it couldn't find it. So...I tried the terminal commands in the Administrator account....still doesn't work!

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    Is the Java Preferences.app still residing in /Utilities? If so, launch it and see what occurs.

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    Yes, that is where it is. When I launch it, that same message comes up asking for Java SE6 Runtime.

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    That's because Java is no longer installed by default on Mountain Lion.  The preferences app resides in the Utilities folder regardless.


    You need to install the Runtime downloaded from Oracle, here.  I would recommend you make enquiries as to whether PS CS5 will work with Java 7 instead of 6, as the former is the more recent, more stable and more secure version.  There's no guarantees that CS5 will recognise it, though.  If not then the there's a link in the sidebar on the left-hand side of the linked page that allows download of Java 6.


    Happy New Year!

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    Scotch_Brawth wrote:

    That's because Java is no longer installed by default on Mountain Lion.

    Totally wrong. The only Java component missing in ML is the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Peruse those installations, looking in these directories, and be enlightened:


    /Applicatons/Utilities/->Java Preferences.app


    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/->JavaAppletPlugin.plugin


       Jar Launcher.app

       Java Web Start.app














    to name a few, but probably not all the Java components installed with OS Xs. Then, stop saying Java's not installed, when only the JRE component is missing.


    There's no need to install Java 7.

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    baltwo: Happy New Year.  May the year to come bring you love, wealth and happiness.



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    I'm with withersa - doesnt seem to work for me either.

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