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I posted how I stopped the battery usage drain on my recent iPhone 5 16GB purchase using iOS 6.0.2 on another thread here on Apple's support forum: https://discussions.apple.com/message/20727168#20727168



I have created a new thread since reading through 67 pages of complaints and partial solutions might consume too much time for some folks:



Dec 29, 2012 5:07 PM (in response to mhabashy)




Purchase history:

I just got my iPhone 5 this week (Dec 23, 2012) after deciding to use a customer appreciation email from the president of Rogers Wireless Network stating all fees would be waived (including upgrade) plus he would include a $100 Shopping Channel gift credit! I got to the store and discovered there was a further $50 rebate, which means I made $10.23.



I got the iPhone 5 16GB. I used iTunes to restore all my Apps and files. I noticed a battery drian that was way out of whack! (along with something else) I erased all content and settings then restored with iCloud. Same thing, no change. I did all sorts of stuff to figure out who was the culprit. I have narrowed it down to removing all Gmail accounts from Mail. My gmail accounts were the only emails that would fetch. All the others would have data pushed. My settings for notifications, brightness strength were set to normal and I used GPS to locate a coyote in town, along with 2+ hours constant internet use at doctors' office, etc, etc. The battery drain was similar to what my iPhone 4 would have used, possibly even less, even though it needs more energy to power the larger screen.


Exact Culprit:

Whether Gmail is the culprit or the fetch feature, I don't know, but the fetch and gmail on my iPhone4 with iOS 6.0.1 is not an issue.


Additional Issues:

Other issues that I am aware of with the iPhone 5 using iOS 6.0.2 is the fact that sometimes it will not charge when plugged into the computer USB port and even the 120V wall outlet. I would have to unplug and replug it in.




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PS:  WOW, is this LTE FAST!  I've clocked download speeds of 37Mbps, and upload at 29Mbps via www.speedtest.net.


iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2





There are replies to my original post that you might want to read.



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iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    Tried all suggestions, nothing works, improved lil bit, but compare to my old iphone 4, iphone 5 is very bad in term of battery life..



    Battery is usage on MY iphone5 ,, from 100 to 45%:

    Usage 2hrs

    Stand by:  14hours

    Where is the promise of 225 stand by hours APPL??



    On the other HAND:

    My Iphone 4 100- 70, two days back..

    Usage 2hours

    Stand by : 1 day 3 hours


    Any other suggestion??

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    I allowed gmail accounts back on my Mail settings after I experienced 1% battery usage every 2 minutes. Something else was using the CPU constantly.  Having an app with ads that constantly change every few seconds puts the CPU to work an extra 2%-7% depending on the amount of graphics that need to be changed with the ads.  But, there was something else that would use the CPU but can't say what for sure.  I didn't install the app with ads until after experiencing battery drain issues.


    You might want to try:


    1.  Turning the phone off completely twice a day or even after heavy use for about 1 or two minutes.  This wipes the RAM memory, and there's a lot more on this iPhone5 than iPhone4, which all takes energy to keep it running on the modules in the background.


    2. I keep Brightness above the letter "B".  The iPhone4 needs to adjusted much further right to obtain the same brightness.


    3. I keep screen auto shut-off at one minute.


    4.  I don't use vibrate; keep ringer volume low; opt for wired Teethering instead of WiFi HotSpot.  Keep WiFi off unless in WiFi zone.  Keep fetch mail accounts at every hour.


    But, the main practice that keeps battery usage low with the iPhone5 is turning it off; thereby, wiping the RAM memory to 25% usage after turning it back on again in standby (the previously used app icons will remain in the multi-tasking bar).  There is one or more operations that are using the battery a lot, I can't pin point exactly the processes but what I have suggested above is only a temp remedy.


    I also keep a USB port AA battery pack with me when out and about just in case I'll need extra juice, since my 30pin iPhone plug-in extended battery pack don't fit in the new iPhone5 port.


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    Hi Friends,


    I have found a solution for my iPhone battery life: recharge the battery until reach 80 to 90%. Make a full recharge just once a month (IOS 6 User's Guide). It takes few days to see the improvements.


    Now my battery life is over 15 hors with a single charge.


    Hope it will be helpful

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    What happens when you turn off all the apps that you have running?  You knw that evertime you tap an app it stays open until you physically close it - just because it "disappears" doesn't mean it's not running.


    This is done by double-clicking your bottom button.  Then pushing on any icon until a red circle with a white bar appears, when you tap on each of these icons they will shut down.


    This will prevent them from using loaction services, running ads and so forth.


    It's my basic process on my iPhone 4.



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    Manually turning off all apps doesn't help.  There is one or more operations that are occurring within the iOS that is draining the battery.  I managed sometimes to stop it by removing those processes from the RAM module by turning off and on the iPhone (I keep it turned of for a while). 


    Another temp remedy:

    If I am not accepting telephone calls then I turn off Cell use in settings.  That also stops battery drain significantly!




    I'm curious to know what Apple does with these new iPhone 5's that get returned to the store?  Are they sold as refurbished items?  Do they get a 1970s used car salesman polishing and sold as new?  I ask because the 3G I received in 2008 had the power button slanted and almost flush with the casing.  As time went by the button completely became flush with the casing, and I never dropped it!

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    So far these are the problems I have experienced from December 23rd to January 1st: #1-6 (listed at bottom).  However, the battery stopped using 1% per every 2 minutes after twice doing a full discharge/recharge as advised by Apple.  (It’s been only one day since I took their advice, though)


    From January 2nd till now I have experienced #7-9, and that was discovered prior to & during repeated Apple support service phone calls.


    1. Battery drain.  1% every 2 minutes. Gets hot.

    2. WiFi being used when set to OFF.

    3. Cell signal during stand-by triggers AM/FM Clock radio to make sounds, repeatedly

    4. Downloading of large iTunes store file stops on secure WiFi (at approx 100-200MB).

    5. Charging turns off, needs to be unplugged then reconnected.

    6. iTunes does not recognize iPhone unless it is unplugged and then reconnected.

    7. Calls get dropped during conversation.

    8. Phone not charging while plugged into computer and recognized.

    9. Scheduled Do Not Disturb on all the time; lets calls through sometimes, even when have moon symbol in notification bar.

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    Apple's customer service made a scheduled appointment for my iPhone 5.  The entire unit might be at risk due to a major concern.  I won’t mention what it is until the Apple store gets a chance to do their hands on diagnosis.  But, I can share this info: the diagnosis temperature is not correct.


    That doesn’t initially mean it's hardware.  I purchased a SanDisk Extreme SSD this past fall and the firmware that was originally flashed onto it would register the temperature at 128 degrees all the time, when using its toolkit readings.  I immediately removed the solid state drive and it was less than body temperature.  I updated the firmware and it tells the correct temperature every time.


    The initial iPhone problem could have created even more problems which would create even more secondary problems.




    If you're a Wall Street portfolio manager, I'll exchange my experience & notes for muuchooo pesos!  Since this info could be used by Apple competition and copy cats.  (How appropriate for me is it to mention that one of the iTunes' 12 Days of Christmas gifts was a Tom & Jerry movie?  I opted for the HD version and completed the download on the forth rental day:)

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    Apple appointment:


    Apple store read my iPhone 5 diagnosis via Safari: nothing showed up as an Apple concern.


    Apple store employee follows the same procedure as the telephone customer service employees I spoke with the past week.


    The WiFi issue does not come up on Apple's diagnoses.  The phantomlike downloading & uploading of unsolicited air waves, while the Settings for WiFi is set to Off, is not recognized by Apple's programmed diagnosis tool, so I cannot, and should not, expect an answer from Apple's employees.  Developers using iOS 6.1 have none of the problems I am experiencing.  So I'll have to wait for 6.1.


    Anyone noticed the Do Not Disturb feature started working last night?  If that was possible then the WiFi problem should be fixed without 6.1.  During the time that Do Not Disturb was not working I was awoke by a west coast Playboy Playmate's email regarding her Apple product problems were resolved.


    The hot phone issue from being plugged into the wall is not an issue with the Apple diagnosis program.  (As a person whom has experience since soldiering components onto a circuit board to make a receiver in the 1980s and all the other electronic based hobbies and all the electronic engineering aptitude that goes along with it, I know that a hot battery is an issue.  The Tesla roadster would not have a battery cooling feature if it wasn't an issue.  Apple's literature states a heat temperature spectrum for operational use & non-operational use (dead state).  My phone went way over the operational use temperature limit, which tells me Apple's diagnosis program built into the iPhone needs to be updated.  Also, the fact I was told Apple's diagnosis tool stated a certain temperature of the iPhone was definitely not actual fact while the phone was in my care.


    Itunes finally recognizes the iPhone when iTunes is turned on after the iPhone is already plugged into the notebook surprisingly started to work at the Apple store for the first time.


    I am not experiencing as much anger as I would have since this iPhone  5 (and ten gift dollars) was given to me by my wireless network provider if I stayed with them for another three years.  I don't have to use the iPhone, I just have to use their network, whether it's the nano, micro or full sized SIM card- it doesn't matter.  (I learned today that their Fido pervert is offering 5GB of LTE for $35/month [no contract] for HotSpot devices.)

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    Hi, so funnily enough after 4 phone technicians at Apple (2 senior) said all your info is just gone I am sorry. I was so frustrated with them as he would not help me do really basic stuff that the guys in the Apple store had helped me with, I ended up saying forget it you are being so unhelpful and hung up.  I took it to the local franchise MullumMac store ( a small hippy town in Mullumbimby Australia) and the guy there was able to put it all back on my phone. Go figure. Not sure yet if the draining problem is till as bad as the house I'm in just for a couple of weeks has terrible reception and that can also drain the battery more.

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    I'm going to try this as my iPhone 5 battery life is depressingly bad.