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Hi there.

Up until the other day, my iPod Classic 80gb has been charging up fine by plugging it into my iphone wall charger.

Now that won't work. When I plug it into the wall charger it doesn't show the "charging" logo where the battery icon is.

I know the charger and USB cable are OK because it works to charge my iPhone 4S just fine.

The only way I can seem to charge the device is by connecting it to my laptop via USB and opening iTunes. Once iTunes is linked, the iPod goes into "sync" mode and begins charging as normal.


Problem is I don't want to have to always turn on my laptop, or even have my laptop with me, just so I can charge the thing!


Anyone have any ideas?

Is the iPod in need of repair?

Any advice or help would be MUCH appreciated.





iPhone 4S, iOS 6