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My Airport Extreme worked perfectly until I updated the firmware - I lost my guest network. I had to revert to 7.4.2 to get my guest network back. It is attached to a CNet ADSL ethernet router  -- CNAD805-NF. Does the most recent firmware have a problem with this setup? Also I wish to replace it with a Time Capsule will I have the same problem getting a guesr network?

Airport Extreme / Time Capsule, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • Bob Timmons Level 10 Level 10

    If you have your AirPort Extreme connected to another router......the Extreme should be running in Bridge Mode, not Router Mode.


    Otherwise, you have two routers on the same network both trying to run things. This also produces a Double NAT error, which slows the connection down on most networks.


    My guess would be that the new firmware update sensed that the Extreme needed to be in Bridge Mode and configured it accordingly.  Unfortunately, the Guest Network is not enabled when the Extreme is configured in Bridge Mode.  Kind of a Catch 22 there.


    I would expect the Time Capsule to try to configure itself correctly on the network, so you will likely face the same "issue" with a Time Capsule.