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MarkChris Level 1 (0 points)

I have a new MacBook Air how do I run transfered AppleWorks 6 items?

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • John Galt Level 8 (45,968 points)

    Pages can read AW6 documents.


    Numbers can read AW6 spreadsheets.

  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,709 points)

    Numbers can read AW6 speardsheets.



  • Peggy Level 8 (38,635 points)

    You can open AppleWorks 6 word processing, spreadsheets & presentations in Pages, Numbers & Keynote respectively. You cannot open any other type (draw, paint or database) of AppleWorks 6 documents with any iWork application nor can you open AppleWorks 5 or any version of ClarisWorks documents.


    There is no special importing needed. There are several methods you can use, common to most Mac applications. Use the Open dialog, Control- or right-click & choose the desired application from Open With in the contextual menu or drag the icon of the file onto the desired application icon in the Finder or the Dock.



  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,104 points)

    Draw Documents can be opened directly only in EazyDraw (the more expensive version from their website, not the cheaper one from the Mac App Store, and you will need v4.0 'Retro' not the most recent version) or Intaglio (though this appears not to be able to handle very complex drawings).


    If you still have access to AppleWorks you can copy a Draw document into a Word processing document and then open that in Pages - please see this page:



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    The best idea is to keep your old OS9 iBook.


    I still use Appleworks in it, and transfer by email to the new Intel iMac.  Appleworks is just so much better than Pages.


    Its great isn't it  -  institutionalized obsolescence, courtesy of Apple.  Its like buying a new car, and being forced to take the old banger to the shops, because the new car will not go to the shops.





  • Harold Coates Level 4 (1,390 points)

    I have far too many documents in WP, SS and DB to even consider moving to something else.  IF I were to do so it would be to MS Word and Excel eventhough I dislike the whole package.  iWorks is not an option because very few others use it therefore if I were to send something through email only about 5% per cent could open it. 


    Unfortunatly the majority of folks have Word/Excel either on PC or Mac so it's safe to send those docs.

    I really like the AW package and have been using it since the '80's.  My databases are heavily used and I send many Christmas cards that print about 700 envelopes with return addresses very efficently.


    Yes, I am stuck at any further system upgrades but Apple made that happen not me.  I wish they had made Pages from an upgraded AppleWorks base then all who are reading this would be using Pages.


    When I do send something through email I create it in AW then copy/past to 'Word' and send it on.



  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,709 points)

    You stated, " iWorks is not an option because very few others use it therefore if I were to send something through email only about 5% per cent could open it. "


    That is not correct. All you have to do is save it in the correct format and they can open it. Pages can save document in Word format.