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I am trying to transfer information from my old MacBook to a new MacAir, and I need the passcode for the MacAir.  How do I find it?  Someone turned on the Air before I could use the Set up Asst.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    So you're saying it is not a new Air: "Someone turned it on ..." means it is not brand new.


    How do you find the passcode?  Ask the person who turned it on.

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    Thanks for suggesting an obvious solution, but unfortunately it IS new.  I removed it from its original sealed packaging. The "someone" was an unknown occupant of a somewhat chaotic holiday house who apparently turned it on to see what it was like, not realizing that the Setup Assistant had to be run.  When I went to install the machine, the passcode was not available to me to record.

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    This should help ya: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1274


    Best of luck!

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    Thanks nightsd01, but this resolution seems to be to change an adminstrator password, etc.  I need the passCODE that originally was supplied with the machine.  As I understand it, this is a relatively short numerical code provided by Apple for the initial run of the Startup Assistant.  If I cannot resolve the issue I will try to call Apple.  I was hoping that the users network would be able to provide me with a quick answer.  Thanks for your effort.

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    Check MACOSXHINTS.COM; there is a posting there on how to reset a mac to just out of the box so setup assistant is run automatically.  You may have to do a simple install and then follow the instructions and then start again.

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    Thank you.  That sounds promising.  I will try it and let you know.


    Happy New Year!

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    I was not able to get a resolution from trying the suggestions in MACOSXHINTS.COM, so I called Apple, paid a fee for consultations(the Best Buy employee did not tell me that free help was no longer available for my new 2011 Macbook Air), and I was able to get the Migration Assistant working, which gave me the Passcode.  After a few attempts, I got the information to my new machine.   Thank you again for trying to help