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Hi all,


My wife and I both have Macs running Mountain Lion.  She has several calendars which she set up in iCloud ("Family events", "Medical Appts" etc), and she shared them with my @iclould.com email address.  I got the email, and I "accepted" the invitation (and she got the pop-up notification that I had joined the calendar).  I can now see the calendars when I log into icloud.com on my Mac, but I _don't_ see them when I run the Calendar application (a.k.a. iCal) on my Mac.  I double-checked that my Calendar --> Preferences have my iCloud account "enabled" and set to "Push" notification. 


My wife also removed my access from the calendars and added me, so we went through the process a second time, but with the same results.


I don't see any solutions after a web search so I hope someone here can help me figure out what to do.


Any ideas?




My computer:  2009, OS X 10.8.2

Her computer:  2012, OS X 10.8.2