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Trying to authorize Windows 8 computer with itunes. Itunes is downloaded but can't share music from other devices.  Option isn't under 'Store' where help screen says it shoud be.  ??

Solved by b noir on Dec 30, 2012 4:02 PM Solved

There's a couple of ways to get through to the authorisation controls in the 11.0.x versions.


The control is still in the Store menu, but first (if you're using iTunes versions 11.0.x) you might need to bring up the menu bar to see the Store menu.


If you're using 11.0.x, click on the wee boxy icon up in the top-left corner of your iTunes to see the "Show Menu Bar" control, as per the following screenshot:


wee boxy icon.png


Then you'll find the control in the Store menu:


authorise in 11.png


Alternatively, if you don't want to bring up the menu bar, it's still possible to get into the authorise controls via nested menus accessible from the wee boxy icon. Here's a screenshot of where to find them:


wee boxy icon 2.png