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Boan Rubalcava Level 1 (0 points)

I'm getting a the message above plus this:


The disk where your projects or eventes are located may be full or unavailable, projects or Event may have moved, or permissions may have changed.


to avoid loising yoru work, quite FCP.


Here is what I did.


i keep all my projects and events on a Drobo (an external drive)


I changed the start up disk to a new one and installed FCP on the new start up disk (SSD) and now I keep getting this message.


Any ideas?

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 14 GB RAM Dual Xeon Quad Core
  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 (115,505 points)

    Where are your events and projects? Look in the event library and the project library. How much space is left on the drive?

  • Boan Rubalcava Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi.  Sorry, I should have been more clear.


    The events and projects are in a Drobo (external drive array).  There are several terrabytes of space left so space is for the issue. 

  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 (115,505 points)

    How much space on the system drive? How big is it?

  • Boan Rubalcava Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Tom,


    Thanks for caring.


    So more details.


    I have my mac pro with the 4 bays full of HDDs.  Bay 1 had the system drive with all my applications, etc.


    I got a new SSD pcie card which I'm not using for my system drive.


    It has 433GB available so its got plenty of wiggle room.


    I still have in bay 1 the old start up disk with all the applications in it--including FCP.  I've gone in there and renamed FCP to FCPOLD and the projects and events with old at the end.  I really don't think that is the problem as it hasn't made any difference.


    The main stuff I work off and the one giving me the errors (not to say others won't give me errors either) is the ones with events and projects in the drobo which I used form the old user.


    The new user has a different name than the old user... maybe that is a problem though I don't see how.


    I ran disk first aid and repaired permissions but nothing.

  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 (115,505 points)

    I can't make sense of it I'm afraid. I can't tell what's running what. It sounds like there are duplicates as well which might confusing things.

  • James Cude Level 4 (1,345 points)

    Yeah get rid of the dupes/olds etc. Also DROBO is not the best drive for editorial work and never has been (though some folks might argue that point). I'd suggest pulling that off the chain for starters while you figure out the specific issue, getting rid of any project and event duplicates and second users etc. Basically do some system maintenence and get things down to the basics. Also run through: