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Hi all,

I have just atempted to move my Aperture library from an iMac to a Mac Pro. The iMac has one hard drive as you know so the Aperture Library and Master Files were on same drive and Aperture works fine.

With my Mac Pro I have 3 HD the first I use as scratch drive with all my apps etc on it. I have also housed here the Aperture Library as it never worked when I added it to HD 2. My Image Folder with all my Masters I added to HD 2.

After moving and reogranzing and importing etc etc etc the Library is organized fine. I went into Aperture-Preferences-Geenral and just chose location of new Aperture Library which was fine.

HOWEVER, where and how do I add the locaton of the MASTER FILES so all my Referenced files can locate them? The only way I can see so far is doing one by one and that is unviable...


iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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