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ugh after 6 months of waiting to upgrade my ipad to Apple ios 6.0.1 i thought surely they have worked out all all the kinks... to my dismay they have not i am having intermittent to no wifi access, no app store access, apps dont work because of the wifi issues. Andthe best part of it is that i am unable to restore to the previous version that worked perfectly because apple does not allow this! I've scoured the internet and  researched and tried the following:


  1. reset network settings (which means i deleted all my wifi access
  2. changed ipad date to (a few months and changed year to 2013, 2014)
  3. set http Proxy to auto
  4. closed all apps and restarted ipad



As you can see I tried everything thing short of wiping the whole thing...  Any suggesstions you have on remedying my issue would be greatly appreciated!

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 6.0.1