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I just bought an iPad to show of my photo's. But I realized that the iPad might be the ideal device to do some sorting while I'm traveling. Is there anyway, to do some basic rating and keywords on the iPad and sync that back to Aperture? I heard about Pixelsync, unfortunately that doesn't work with the latest version of Aperture. Then there is Photosmith, but that would require Lightroom. I could use that, but I don't think there is a way of getting Lightroom metadata into Aperture. Does anyone know of a solution to this? Or is there maybe an alternative app, that just puts out XMP sidecar files, so I can combine them and import into Aperture.

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    Is there anyway, to do some basic rating and keywords on the iPad and sync that back to Aperture?


    Very basic, yes.


    If you have the iPhoto.app on the iPad, you can tag your images with captions and keywords (tags in iPhoto) and do basic editing. When you import the tagged images into Aperture, the captions will be mapped to the "Caption" metadata field and the tags to keywords. But there is no way to add hierarchical keywords in iPhoto on the iPad. Also do the iPhoto ratings not transfer from iPhoto on iPad (favorite and flagged) - you would have to use tags (1,2,...) as ratings as a work-around.


    • To sync back to your mac, select images in an album in iPhoto on your iPad and share these images to iTunes, then save them from iTunes to a folder on your mac and import them Aperture.
    • Or share them to your Camera roll on the iPad and import them from the camera roll directly into Aperture.
    • One draw-back when working with raw: My camera only shoots raw+jpeg pairs, and in this case iPhoto discards the raw, when I import to iPhoto on the iPad - I'd be grateful to hear of a solution to this. The iPad has no raw support and will use the camera generated previews to show the photo. If you edit the photo, only the preview will be edited.

    See this for more information on iPhoto on the iPad: iPhoto IOS Help: What is iPhoto?

    i.e. Ways to share photos




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    Hi Leonie,


    Thanks for your answer. When using iPhoto for iPad, will the keywords be applied to the RAW image, or will it develop a JPG copy and apply the keywords to that. (This is basically what the desktop version of iPhoto also does)




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    I don't have a camera ready to try again io import raw and to tag the images, so I cannot be sure - sorry. If I remember correctly, iPhoto treats the adding of captions and keywords as edits and will add them to the jpeg, not the raw. Do you have a camera connection kit to try importing raw yourself? All other ways to sync or share images to the iPad will only send jpegs.




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    I've got the connection kit, but I'm reluctant to spend €4 on an app that doesn't fill my needs. (I'm Dutch after all)