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If I click file then print on my old computer I get to properties and paper quality which take me to black and white or colour options but I cannot find these on the iMac. The file then print window is totally different and I cannot find properties. Does anyone know how to do this?

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    yes,somewhat. Have you tried resetting the printing system (print and fax),clicking on system preferences, then control clicking on the printer, or checking for updated printer software. HP used to handle that, but now Apple does. try clicking on show details, then somewhere between copies and option on the print screen, if you can scroll down, should be page handling, and the rest of that stuff. Yes, I think they have moved them from what they were before to now. I don't know what your old computer was , or what it was running for an OS (10, 9, or a variation thereof). IF you have given us this information, what your computer was,  what you have now, or anything at all, even  a screenshot, we could have helped you better. This is a forum for Mac Pro's, not a general forum for any type of Mac Desktop hardware. In future, sir, please post your question in the correct forum, so that we can help you better




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