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Bargej Level 1 Level 1

We just installed 10.6 and now we can not connect to the wireless network?  Any suggestions?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
  • Alberto Ravasio Level 5 Level 5

    Start Software Update. Latest SL is 10.6.8 plus security patch and program updates.

  • steve626 Level 4 Level 4

    After you have updated to the latest version of 10.6.8, if you still have problems connecting to your wireless network, try the following:


    Open System Preferences.

    Select Network.

    At the top of the window, make sure Wireless is selected for Location.

    Your network should be shown under Network Name.

    Click Advanced button on lower right.

    Select your network under Network Name and click the minus sign button under it to DELETE it. This DELETES it so make sure you know its password etc. as in the next step we will re-enter it.

    Exit System Preferences, then reopen it and get back to the Advanced section again.

    Then click the plus sign to add the network you want to conect to back in, and enter the appropriate information about your network, such as its name, security method (e.g. WPA2 ...), and password.

  • Eskara Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there! i will track this issue because i have the same problem, i don´t know if explain my own case here in order to not confuse... but in the beginning the case apper equal but after do which Steve626 say i can´t connect... i have ready install 10.6.8  with server option.. (maybe this is the trouble)....let me know if i can post here more info or recomend which board do you suggest i use?