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Hi everyone. Ive been using an apogee duet for a while (great sound- but a bit limited,) -before that I had my mac book pro connected to a digi 003 and it worked ok. I want to go back to the 003 to make use of all the ins and outs but cant remember how to get logic (or the mac) to recognise it. Ive tried preferences /control surfaces/ and scanning or entering the device manually but it doesn't appear on any list and my 003 continues to say its off line. Anyone care to jog my addled memory? I would be very grateful

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Logic Pro 8
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    Check if the latest Digi audio driver for the 003 is available on your system.

    After you've configured everything in Audio MIDI Setup open Logic and in Preferences>Audio you should have the choice to setup the 003. Loading old projects, you had done with a 003, give you the opportunity to check old and recent configurations.


    Have a nice day!