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I posted earlier that the mic in FaceTime stopped working for me the other day.


I've just discovered that any video recorded on my iPhone over the last few days has no audio except for a low hissing sound.


On Christmas Night, the iPhone fell and may have hit concrete - I thought it only hit the carpet as I didn't hear it fall.


It was a one in a million chance that it fell where it did in a gap in the carpet and I only had a stupid plastic cover on it as my regular cover was very dirty and grimy - plastic one only went around the side and did not cover any part that had buttons, like the top.


Does it sound to you guys like the mic is broken?


Could something be done?

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    I have the same problem, everytime i want to facetime someone, i have to use my earpohnes, try getting it fixed at a repair shop or somewhere, also do you know how to fix a stiff power button? iPhone had never been dropped and now the button does not work at all. Many thanks

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    Hi Davee,


    Do you have the same problem with the audio in videos recorded on the phone?

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    I have no problem with the Power Button.

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    I was wondering if the Earphones will make FaceTime possible on mine.


    I don't have them on me at the moment.


    If you are have the same issue as me with the video camera, could you record something with the Earphones in and see if that fixes that too?


    That would only be a temporary fix though.


    I'm going traveling at the end of the month and need the iPhone working properly.


    I think I'll have to open it on Wednesday and see if the problem is easy for me to fix.


    I'd rather there was another way though, especially in case the mic is damaged and not just "shook a bit".