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My daughter has downloaded a load of apps onto my Ipad on my Itunes acocunt. She is now buying her own Ipad and I am wondering if there is any way to put these apps on her Ipad without having to buy them again as they are things I never use. She does also have her own Itunes account. Thanks for any help.

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    The apps that belong to your account may be placed on any device associated with your account.  If you choose to have her ipad associated with your account then yes, she could, however if she chooses to use her own account then she'll have to repurchase the apps/content.

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    Unless she is logged into your iTunes account she will not be able to update these apps and will receive continued prompts to do so. She should not keep logging in and out of iTunes with different accounts, in certain circumstances she will find she becomes locked out of returning to another account for 90 days.

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    Thank you very much for your helpful answers.