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I would like to split off two of my Alias Identities, that are on the same Apple Account, into separate mail accounts.


Can this be done?  Would I have to attach them to new Apple Accounts or can I just have multiple mailboxes on one account?


Thank you in advance for anyone that can help.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Tarik - Wondering if you ever received any help?  I'm quite frustrated by this same thing.  I want to set up a new account - and I cannot find any guidance as to how to do this?  It seems it may be setting up an alias is the new way to go... 


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    No, I'm sorry to say that I have had no replies at all on this subject.


    Unfortunately, Apple is not on my good side because of issues like this that never get taken care of, just swept under the rug.


    I have 3 accounts already and don't even know how I got 3 of them.  I'm not always so negative but it's almost impossible to get Apple to move on anything if it isn't something new.

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    I am totally with you.  Not the same old Apple.  Felt swept under the rug this morning when I called.  These seem like fairly simple questions - but the answers are buried under some mumbo jumbo.  I would LOVE to get rid of the mac.com, or the me.com, or the icloud.com.  My regular email recipients are confused by all the addresses.  I think it's a big failing on Apple's end, and maybe they don't know how to resolve it?!!

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    You said it better than I.  That was my point, too many mail "endings" and you may be right, they can't fix it.


    No one likes to change their email address, but c'mon Apple...just pick one!  I couldn't combine my Apple ID's when I whent to mobile .me, that's partly how I ended up with 3 addresses.  If .iCloud is the newest and latest, then let's change all of them to iCloud.  If they want to use all .me, then let's change them all to .me. But, pick ONE and stay with it.


    Thank you for your confirmation.  Sometimes I think it's just me that feels this way.  Unfortunately, I'm moving away from Apple products because of too many restrictions and too much confusion.