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Can my partner and I have more than one apple id on our shared ipad so we can both sync via icloud from individual i mac user accounts and individual i phones?

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    Many thanks Julian. Afraid we're not v tech savvy so are still struggling.

    Local apple store say that only one apple id can be registered to an iPad at any one time and therefore the only iCloud synching that will happen is that which relates to that id. We each have our own iPhone and share an iMac with individual user accounts

    Really only need to sync contacts, photos and iTunes. We both use yahoo mail so that's not a problem


    Thanks again for your forbearance



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    What exactly are you struggling with?


    Did you add the second iCloud account in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars on the iPad?


    Did it not work?


    As the support article I linked to confirms, multiple iCloud accounts can be added to a single iPad as 'secondary' accounts, however, certain iCloud features (Bookmarks, Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, Backup, and Find My iPad) will only work with the Primary account.


    If all you want to do is have 2 sets of contacts, calendars and email, then it'll work fine.

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    Hi Julian and apols for delay in getting back to you on this.

    Thanks to your help I've now set up an secondary account in my name and left Gill as the primary account name. I,m obviously still missing something because, for example, my contacts list on iPad and iPhone aren't synching.

    Also when we open the iPad we still get the option to open each others emails.

    Like some of the more recent posts from people struggling with iCloud I think it's all probably a step too far for my limited tech capability. I think I need to book a Genius Bar session in our local apple shop


    Thanks again tho for all your help. That didn't fail - I did!