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Hi guys, I could really use some help - this wasn't what I planned for New Year's Eve


I hope my info below makes sense (I am not 'technical', but I have followed common sense info found online):


Due to a malfunction with my original MacPro hard drive that was unsolvable using Disk Utility or Drive Genius 2, I had to erase it and re-install Lion (My machine is sadly too 'vintage' for Mountain Lion).


When I was reinstalling Lion, I tried to restore my MacPro from external back-up but I had an error saying there was not enough space, which is rubbish, as it is was the source! On researching this, I decided the best bet was to erase the hard drive.


I still have everything saved on an external Back-up drive (from using Time-Machine). I do not want to launch Time-Machine at the moment, because it will over-write the back-up drive which I need to access. I am making a copy onto my second internal drive - 'Mothership')


Basically I want to restore the current empty (restored, errors solved) MacPro drive with the information that was on it (including all my applications etc.) Fortunately, my Home folder and work are all on Mothership. All the problems started when I moved my Home folder from MacPro to Mothership due to needing more Start-up disc space.


Can I replace the current hard drive info with the old one? (Bearing in mind that Time Machine facility will have no memory of anything prior to my erasing the disc, just what's on my back-up)



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