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Hi this was the original post I posted a couple days ago.


"Hi All,


I have had a problem with my mac book pro, it does not sleep while the screen is left open. The way I used to be able to tell if the mac is sleeping is the light on the front should flash as it does when the screen is closed. Here is what has happened in the past.


1. The original hard drive failed and was replaced with a 500gb

2. I have had the top case replaced as the mac book pro would not sleep with the screen closed

3. A clean install with OSX 10.6.8


After doing all this, the mac is still having the same issue.


When the screen is left open, I can hear the fans whirring away and the battery is drained as if I am running an intensive program. I can leave it all night with the screen up and wake up to the battery being completely dead. It usually takes about 3 hours or so. (105 cycles on the battery). The settings are set so that the screen and mac hibernate after 1 minute, and all applications are closed with wi-fi, etc turned off.


When my fathers and my brothers mac book pro is left open, the light on the front of the case flashes.


I have been to the apple store repeatedly and they are adament there is no issue with the mac. They did all their "tests" and the hardware was tested as "good".


Thanks for any help!



The problem was solved with the following:
1. Deleting Login Items

2. Turning off blu-tooth

3. Unchecking "wake for network access"


Sources given:




However, the same problem came back last night.


Any ideas what is causing this?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), mid 2010, 13", 4gb ram, 2.4 core 2