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I uploaded my video from iMovie to youtube (using the following http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1696878)

However, the audio is distorted when I try to play it on youtube (even though it is not distorted on iMovie).


I have uploaded it a number of times, but every time the audio is distorted


Any suggestions?

iMovie '11
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    I have this same problem. Sorry to see that no one has replied with a solution. I'll bet that when you export the video to the media browser and then import it into Garage Band the audio will also be distorted.


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    Ended up using an ACC version of the audio and it uploaded to Youtube much faster (10 minutes) after I exported it to my desktop using Quicktime. The audio was no longer distorted on Youtube!

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    Hey would you mind expanding on how you used/created an ACC version of your audio? Was it through an Imovie to Quicktime movie export as this link below describes? I've also copied and pasted the instructions indented in quotations. The solution provider in that forum tells how to export the movie to quicktime with special ACC etc settings and claims that it resolves the issue but my Imovie ('11,  version 9.0.9) won't go through the export...I've tried at least 5  times...it starts and says it's going to take about 30 minutes and works  for about 10, often as the clock goes up instead of counting down and  then the window disappears and nothing has been exported....  I'd love  to resolve this issue...it has only been happening to me since I figured  out how to ask the audio to duck other tracks and tweak equalizer  settings so it's gotta be something to do with the fact that either the  equalizer settings confuse youtube it the .mov format it exports in on  default settings (without the ACC tweak which I haven't found a way to  do yet)...any new guidance? Trying to get this done yesterday!! I've also sent a personal msg to the person who said they solved the issue in that forum to see if I can get any more specific guidance...seems like a signifcant amount of people have been having this issue! Heeeelp pleeeez!  http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/youtube/bs8mgyVMSEU


    "Try saving the file as a QuickTime movie on your desktop and uploading it from there. Use Share > Export using QuickTime > Movie to QuickTime Movie  > Options to get movie settings box. Use video Compression H.264 Quality medium or High and Sound AAC 44.100kHz, and I use bit rate 192kbps. That should upload from your desktop with no problems."